Dog dies on flight after being stowed in overhead bin

Munoz and United have received harsh criticism from both actress Olivia Munn and Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. United charges $125 for passengers to bring along a small pet carrier in addition to their one carry-on bag.

On Wednesday, the day Kennedy announced his planned legislation, thousands of students across the country took part in walkouts to protest gun violence.

"We don't know if the dog died in Houston or if the dog died in NY or on the way to NY". After the three-hour flight the dog had died.

Meanwhile, United paid for Swindle and her two children to stay at Marriott Hotel near the airport on Tuesday night.

United apologized for the incident in a statement.

Sophia Ceballos, who spoke on behalf of her mother Catalina Robledo, claimed a flight attendant lied about what really happened on the flight from Houston to NY.

"The overwhelming majority of the incidents were attributed to animals not being acclimated to its crate or the animal having a pre-existing condition we weren't aware of", Hobart said.

But United Airlines points out that it flies more pets than the others and some of the pets that died on United flights had pre-existing medical ailments.

Spokeswoman Maggie Schmerin said that the airline has connected with the deceased puppy's owner and offered to pay for an autopsy of the Frenchie, CNN reports.

"'This is my dog, why put it there?'" Catalina said she told the flight attendant.

A matter of days after a dog died in an overhead carrier on a United flight, the troubled airline has failed another family pet with a shocking mistake.

When Catalina Castano boarded United Flight 1284 from Houston to NY with her 11-year-old daughter, two-month old newborn and beloved French Bulldog puppy Kokito she didn't expect any problems.

United said it takes full responsibility for Kokito's death. A flight attendant had insisted the dog's owner put the pet carrier, with the dog inside, in an overhead bin.

The Kansas breeder said her French bulldog Tilley will get some extra hugs tonight. "We. express our deepest condolences".

United Airlines has recently faced public ire when a woman's bulldog died after it was forced into an overhead bin by a flight attendant. As of April, United plans to start issuing bright colored bag for the customers that are traveling with an animal inside the cabin.

In a statement, United called the incident "a tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin". "In the end she said that she didn't know it was a dog but she actually touched the bag and felt him there, she was basically lying to us", said Ceballos.