Third-parties can now customize Google Assistant voice commands

Developers of Actions do need to add this feature, so not all of them will work right off the bat.

Additionally, users can also use voice commands to pause or replay media. Apparently, starting this week, due to a new feature for Action that goes by the name Custom Device Actions, device makers will be able to extend the Assistant and add "native" functionality specific to their devices. There will be more items available to explore through this new Media Playback option on your device with new TV Show clips, new meditation songs and much more.

A new wave of them will be coming soon and with them, publishers can also allow users to subscriber to those Actions. So you can simply subscribe for the channels using the Voice Command. For example, you can tell Assistant you want a daily update on cryptocurrency prices from CoinBase.

Google Assistant Interactions

Now, instead of saying, "Hey Google, talk to..." and then a third party company, you will be able to issue a simpler command. This update comes almost two weeks after Google announced that by the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be able to understand and speak 30 languages, thus covering almost 95 percent of Android users. Now you can get Google Assistant to control your notification actions. Users can expect to see these features roll out as they get adopted. As of now, Google Assistant can only perform tasks based on universal commands like providing weather updates, text or call, turning services on/off, playing songs and much more.

For example, users can now activate a washer's specific color cycle with an Assistant command. According to a blog post by Google, the search engine giant is now preparing to introduce a feature that will enable developers to build device-specific commands for Google Assistant.

Today's new features are especially geared towards the smart home and better integrating those gadgets with Assistant.