Para athletes from Russian Federation march in opening ceremony of 2018 Paralympics

The decision to march separately was made on Thursday following a lengthy meeting between the respective National Paralympic Committees (NPCs).

Unlike the Olympics, where the International Olympic Committee allowed Russian competitors to use the term "Olympic Athletes from Russia" (OAR), the country name will not appear at the Paralympics.

"My family used to go on snowboarding vacations, so (after the accident) I leapt at the chance to get back on a board", he said before leaving for South Korea.

After spectacular cultural and dance performances, cross-country skiers Kim Jong-hyon and Ma Yu-chol entered as North Korea's first Winter Paralympians while the world digested the news that US President Donald Trump has agreed to meet his counterpart Kim Jong-un.

There was also a positive reaction when one athlete from North Korea and one from South Korea held the Paralympic flame aloft together before handing it over to start a relay which culminated with a South Korean single-leg amputee abseiling up a ski slope before the cauldron was lit. He won a World Cup biathlon event in Finland last month. This is double the number of athletes from Asia that competed at the Sochi Games in 2014.

"And if you look at the history of winter sports, the Brits are all over it".

According to the Google Doodle blog, there are more women competing in this year's Paralympic games than any previous games: "Over 670 athletes, including more female athletes than ever before, have the chance to show their skills after years of hard work and training". The United States has the largest team with 74 athletes, which includes six guides for visually impaired athletes.

Following the closure of the Winter Olympics at the same venue on February 25, action will move towards the para athletes waiting to take part in the 12th edition of the Games.

The IPC and POCOG have, however, accepted a proposal by the Korea Paralympic Committee that representatives of the two Koreas carry the Paralympic torch during the opening ceremony.