Version 1.2.0 Update Available for Super Mario Odyssey

It unlocks only after (SPOILER) Princess Peach has been saved and can be played by talking to Luigi, who now appears in each of the game's kingdoms. This title, however, won't be released on the Switch until February 27.

Nintendo has announced a free update for Super Mario Odyssey that includes Luigi, and a new game mode bearing his name. The update has added a new mini-game, two snapshot filters, and three outfits as promised.

Nintendo has released Super Mario Odyssey update 1.2.0 for the Nintendo Switch, which introduces the "Balloon World" mini-game alongside various gameplay improvements. Conversely, "Find It" mode let's you track down other balloons hidden by players from across the globe.

Finally, Coin and Neon filters have been added to Snapshot Mode, so you can see your screenshots through a totally different lens. You get points in both of these modes and depending on how good you happen to be, you can move up the world rankings. But that all changes today as more content has been added to the game. So New Donk City will be all rainy during the day, for example, while you'll be able to soak in Tostarena's sunset. Try using them to capture all sorts of fun new moments.

More new outfits are planned, says Nintendo, so keep your eyes peeled. Best records won't be reset, though.

Some weeks back Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director of Epic Games, recently replied to a tweet asking him whether he's interested in bringing the game to Nintendo's newest console. "Hopefully we do that at some point!"