Netanyahu Calls Iran 'Greatest Threat To Our World'

The comments came Sunday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country had shot down an Iranian drone in its airspace, and would "act if necessary" against Iran and its proxies, such as the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that Iran is just years away from having a nuclear bomb.

Israeli media said those arrested were suspected of having been involved in an affair in which Bezeq received concessions, in return for which Netanyahu received positive coverage on the Bezeq-affiliated news website, Walla. Poland and Israel were already at odds over a new Polish law criminalizing some statements about the country's actions during World War II.

Netanyahu renewed his call to "fix or nix" the worldwide deal to curb Iran's nuclear programme, a message that has failed to sway much of the trans-Atlantic security establishment represented in Munich. "Yesterday I spoke with [National Security Advisor H.R.] McMaster about issues of high importance". He also scolded Germany for allowing Iran's Mahan airline to land at Munich's airport, saying it might as well "cut a check" for Iranian terrorist activities. Because to go backward — we know what the world looks like without the Iran nuclear agreement.

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, a main architect of the nuclear deal, said it was "absolutely critical" to ensure it survives.

Zarif, addressing the audience later Sunday, said Netanyahu's "cartoonish circus" didn't "deserve the dignity of a response". We believe in, and have proposed, creating what we call a strong region, rather than a strong man in the region.

"Mr. Zarif do you recognize this?"

Asked about whether there is a crisis in his relationship with Trump over Netanyahu's claims he has been talking to the USA about annexing West Bank settlements, Netanyahu said: "Relations with the US are excellent".

Meanwhile, some foreign leaders expressed unease.

'I brought it here, so you can see it for yourself. That could change if Iran establishes a new reality on the ground in Syria, he said.

Netanyahu produced what he alleged to be a piece of the Iranian drone shot down in Israel airspace last week in an episode that sparked worldwide concern as the prospect of war breaking out between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria and its proxy, Hezbollah, in Lebanon, ballooned.

"Israel will not allow Iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our neck", Netanyahu said. An Israeli F-16 was shot down during the operation. He then outlined Israel's red lines on Tehran.

France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China, which signed the nuclear deal along with Iran and the United States, say the accord can not be renegotiated, that it is working and that Iran is allowing inspections.