Chinese woman follows her bag into X-ray security scanner

A woman in southern China was so attached to her handbag that she crawled into an X-ray security scanner rather than let it out of her sight. The staff saw the unbelievable scanned picture of the unnamed woman on all fours on the conveyor belt.

Officers were rendered speechless and didn't even recover in time to question woman's outrageous attempt to accompany her handbag.

When told that all her valuables would have to pass through the machine, she turned around and was seen hopping onto the conveyor belt as well.

According to Mirror Online, staff members at the Dongguan station have advised all the passengers not to climb into the X-Ray machine as the radiation given off by the scanners for security purposes, can be quite harmful.

Shocked staff did not stop her as she clambered off and went to get her train at Dongguan, China.

This turned out to be a woman who - concerned about losing the money in her handbag - climbed into the X-ray machine with it when asked to put the bag through the security check, the report said.

A video of the whole incident was posted on Facebook by PearVideo.

Eerie X-ray images of a Chinese woman crawling through a luggage scanner at a railway station have become the latest smash hit on a video sharing website.

It's believed the woman had a large sum of cash in her bag and didn't trust security staff with it.

Train stations are grappling with a mad rush this month as hundreds of millions of people head home to celebrate Lunar New Year.