Windows 10: Could Progressive Web Apps finally fix Microsoft Store's software shortfall?

The update renames Windows Defender to Windows Security, brings several improvements to Game bar, enables Windows 10 S users to go password-less, and brings several other changes and updates to the upcoming Windows 10 version. With the app, users will have to set up "Windows Hello". Biometric options such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning are also included.

If you use Android, you might have come across a Progressive Web App or two in your Chrome journeys.

The one and only Bug Bash for the next Windows 10 release may still be ongoing, but the Windows Insider team chose to release a fresh new Insider build today.

These are the following new features which are coming for developers in the next Windows 10 Update.

Privacy: All companies collect user info on the pretext of further enhancing their service. The main events are some new graphics options and, for Windows 10 S users, a way to go completely password free. The new panel will allow users to override the OS' choice of GPU for an app and directly specify whether to use the most efficient adapter or the one with the highest performance.

Effectively, all the various alternatives to passwords that Microsoft has shoved under the Windows Hello banner will be absorbed into Windows S, which was recently turned from a fully fledged (and not widely used) operating system in its own right to a Windows 10 mode. In Settings Apps Video playback "if the "Stream HDR video" toggle can be switched to "On", your device can be calibrated for HDR video", explains Microsoft. While there are some exciting improvements to the system graphics, the company also unveiled some privacy and security changes. Just like other native Windows 10 apps, PWAs will also appear in places like Start and Cortana search and would be able to access local calendar and contacts data after taking permission.

Bluetooth has been debugged, there's a full-screen mode for the Edge browser if you like that sort of thing, and predictive text can now cope with multiple languages.