Sour grapes: Alberta to stop importing BC wine over Kinder Morgan feud

Speaking in French after the weekly government caucus meeting, Catherine McKenna said things sometimes happen behind closed doors and that solutions are often more easily found without drama.

Maybe so - but when it comes to the Trans Mountain pipeline dispute, the no-drama ship has officially sailed.

Trudeau's comments come a day after Notley ramped up pressure on the issue by banning B.C. wine imports, following an earlier announcement to halt electricity talks with B.C., in protest of the province's plan to limit increases of diluted bitumen shipments.

He said his government will work with the B.C. wine industry to ensure Alberta's decision to stop imports does not cause damage. His minority government's tenuous grip on power depends on keeping the Green party happy - which means Horgan can't back down.

Investors are losing patience with the delays to Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd.'s $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline, the company's president says.

"Boycotts. will not resolve an issue that is ultimately our federal government's responsibility", the chamber said. "I figured I'd make such a small dent alone that it wouldn't be noticeable", Collins said.

"We are calling on the premier to think very serious about the severity of the actions and the path that they're undertaking here". "But if anything, this may highlight the trade barriers that exist in the liquor business - it's easier to export wine already outside the coutnry than it is between provinces in Canada". "I suspect that's exactly what Justin Trudeau wants".

"The B.C. wine industry has worked hard to build a positive relationship and partnership with Alberta, particularly in the wine, culinary and tourism sectors, including having collaborated on multiple campaigns directly with the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission)".

Notley has cooperated with Trudeau on implementing a carbon-pricing plan to reduce emissions, and Trudeau in turn backed the Trans Mountain project.

"I hope that you will consider the severity and outcome of the actions your minister has proposed and that you will accept my offer to meet with you to discuss these and any other matters relating to the operations of our company in B.C".

"We will not let the government of B.C. hold Alberta's and Canada's economy hostage, and jeopardize the economic security of hundreds of thousands of working families across this province and across this country", she said.

"We're continuing to discuss and engage with the B.C. government, with the Alberta government", he said. That legislation, after two years of consultations, discussion papers and expert panels, is expected to create a single review process with timelines to provide more certainty for both environmental groups and project proponents.

There will be no surprises in the legislation, McKenna said.

Vancouver-based Visual Capitalist entrepreneur Nick Routley said Alberta's boycott was counterproductive regardless of what side of the pipeline fight people are on.