Government Agencies Are Questioning Apple About Updates Which Slow down Older iPhones

Apple has denied deliberately slowing down phones to force users into upgrading amid an investigation from the USA government. The battery issue is far from over, too, as it appears that the federal government is getting involved.

The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, based in the U.S., have reportedly asked Apple for information regarding the software update from last January, in which many users felt their iPhones had become slower. Software sensed when the battery power was low or when the battery was old, forcing the older-model phone to become even slower. The question is about what Apple's motives were in doing so.

Apple has said that this slowing down was a way for older phones to not randomly shut down once updating its software to the latest version.

Government agencies are investigating Apple in Brazil, France, Italy and South Korea following complaints. Apple wants to make their devices more responsive and stable and to reduce customer support related issues.

The DOJ and SEC investigation is in its early stages, according to Bloomberg, and is looking into whether or not Apple violated laws related to disclosing information about the update.

Apple says the reason for the software feature is to prevent unexpected iPhone shutdowns, not to encourage users to update to a newer iPhone. "Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited", said an Apple spokesperson in a statement.

Both the Justice Department and the SEC have declined to comment on their investigations, leaving it unclear what piqued their interest.

It plans to release a software update later this year that will let people turn off the iPhone-slowing feature.

A spokesperson for Apple also emphasised the company's position that it would never do anything to intentionally cut the lifespan of a product short to drive sales of new devices. Apple also discounted the price on a battery replacement to $29, a $50 savings. We before announced that we began developing a new iOS attribute to show battery wellbeing and that would recommend if the user should consider replacing their battery life.

"Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love", said Apple.

The company confirmed it had been contacted by officials from the USA government and said it was cooperating fully by answering the questions supplied.