Scott Baio's Wife Renee Fires Back at Nicole Eggert's Molestation Claims

"But the issue with him, is that he was our boss", Nicole said.

Actress Nicole Eggert, who has accused her former co-star Scott Baio of molesting her when she was a minor, revealed more details of her alleged harassment and abuse during her first television interview on Tuesday morning. Renee actually told Baio her pregnancy news on the finale of Scott Baio Is 45...and Single, so the second season of the show was titled Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant. The episode never aired, as Baio's people sent in a cease and desist letter claiming that Eggert's timeline was off. Producers kept the episode from airing but a representative claims they're still looking into it. Nicole, who costarred on the hit sitcom Charles in Charge with Scott for four seasons in the 1980s, described to Megyn Kelly on her January 30 show a terrifying pattern of alleged abuse that started on the Charles in Charge set when she was just a young teen. "I was in the moment of the show" in which that interview was conducted", she told Kelly.

Eggert said that seeing other women come forward with their stories of sexual abuse in this #MeToo era gave her the courage to speak up.

"My reputation is being damaged, my family is being put through this, and I am done", Baio said in the video. It wasn't a "Hold me down, rape me" situation.

Bloom said Baio may face legal consequences, and Eggert reinforced that threat in responding to him telling her that if she has a case, go to the police.

Eggert said she had told a few close friends about the allegations at the time, but "they didn't have a good reaction to it".

After playing the clip, Baio said: "So you heard it was way after Charles in Charge was done". Baio himself took to Twitter on Saturday, writing that "her claims are 100% lies", before turning to Facebook Live to further dispute the allegations in a 16-minute-long video. Eggert indicated to Kelly that she very well might. Bloom, Eggert's lawyer, said that she definitely has options, including the option to sue for defamation.

"If I could go back to a younger Nicole, I would tell her that she doesn't have to be ashamed", she told Kelly.

And even though Eggert had previously said the encounter happened after the show had concluded, she now says it was while it was still being shot - which would make her 17, not 18. He claimed his innocence by citing several interviews she had done in which she talked about their relationship innocently.

Kelly also showed that former Charles In Charge actors Alexander Polinsky and Andy Carl both said Eggert had told them about the abuse. She said 'he molested me as a child and I didn't know any better.' I can vividly remember that statement ...