Local Lawmakers React To Cuomo's Budget Plan

Cuomo told him to listen to the speech before criticizing it. Baron also interrupted the governor during his state of the state address two years ago.

"For the past eight years, we have restored fiscal discipline while achieving historic progressive accomplishments and strengthening middle class New Yorkers", Cuomo stated in the release. "The main issue in the budget is the SALT deductions". He called on our "compassionate society" to care for the homeless and, discussing criminal justice reform, invoked the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., quoting, "Justice too long delayed is justice denied".

"Over the next couple of months, I look forward to working with my Senate and Assembly colleagues to craft a budget that is not only affordable, but provides opportunities and security for all of our residents and makes NY a better place to live, work and raise a family", he said. "I'll look at anything".

Andrew Cuomo gives his 2018 State of the State address. But, if Gov. Cuomo was really interested in helping New York taxpayers, he would lower New York State income tax (which is one of the highest in the U.S.) to offset the new federal tax laws. Yesterday's announcement indicates Cuomo watched that development closely and is following the Golden State's lead.

Cuomo views the new surcharge as a tool to recapture some of the estimated $14 billion in annual revenue that he says NY will lose under the new federal tax law.

Assemblyman Angelo Morinello said he was pleased that the governor recognizes the state has a problem with its significant deficit.

"The governor continued his familiar theme of blaming Washington D.C. for problems that have been evident in NY for years". "For example, banning truck deliveries in certain routes during rush hour so you don't have a ton of doubled parked trucks right where people are trying to go at the most sensitive time of the day".

"The presentation made by the Governor today signals the start of this year's budget process". For almost two years, we've witnessed delays in funding and only partial allocations of the resources we so desperately need. It's no secret that Governor Cuomo has a problem on his left.

Local government aid: It would remain at $715 million for cities, town and villages. "It has to be fair to all people and all industries", he said.

$254 million: To implement the MTA Subway Action Plan to help pay for repairs to the New York City transit system.

Tedisco concluded by pointing out that Excelsior is New York's motto. Funding for the program would come in part from a new 2-cent per milligram tax on active opioid ingredients in prescription drugs.

We have some room for hope. At this juncture, that - not the deficit itself and not the new US tax code - is the biggest challenge facing the Empire State. "That's the problem here in the State of NY".

Among the biggest single revenue raisers is something Cuomo called an "opioid surcharge" of 2 cents per milligram of prescription opioids sold in NY that he said will be paid by manufacturers to raise $170 million to help combat the drug addiction problem.

As for the $4.4 billion deficit the state is facing, Cuomo plans to raise revenue from a variety of sources including regulating internet sales tax, an opioid surcharge, and deferring large corporations' tax credits. That said, a change in Senate leadership would have a seismic impact on the legislative agenda, and we will be closely monitoring the situation as we move toward April.