Amazon Echo Spot: 'Smart alarm clock' with Alexa comes to the UK

"Echo Spot combines the popular small design of Echo Dot, the display of Echo Show, and the features you love about Alexa into a stylish and compact device", says Jorrit Van der Meulen, Amazon Devices International Vice President. The device will launch in the United Kingdom on the 24th of January 2018, although pre-orders of the device have started today.

Amazon revealed the new Echo Spot as it mades a major refresh across its portfolio of Echo devices. The device has a 4 microphone array and it measures 104 mm x 97 mm x 91 mm and weighs in at 420g. Or, if you prefer, a radio station.

Since its smart speakers were also best selling products in 2017, the number of people who now have access to Alexa is always increasing, giving consumers the opportunity to experiment with a new way of shopping.

The ball-shaped device is about the size of a softball and created to sit on your bedside table or even in the kitchen or elsewhere. When we compared the Echo Spot to the original Echo device, the difference was the speaker on the Spot is not as good compared to the Echo, but the Spot displays the song lyrics on the screen.

If you have a more specific idea of what you are looking for, the search bar at the top of the screen will now only show you Amazon Skill-related results.

We're yet to test the Echo Spot's audio prowess, but we'd imagine it would be similar in quality to the Echo Dot.

Of course, the sound coming from the Echo Spot isn't going to blow you away. "This is the first Amazon Echo that I wouldn't mind using for music". The stream on the demo was, again, clear and bright. So should you buy the Echo Show or the Echo Spot? The design is great - it's available in black and white - and we can easily see the Spot being used in the bedroom, kitchen or even on a desk.

Like the Echo Dot, the Spot if a ideal extension to your Echo ecosystem. In fact, you may want it in all of these places.

The Echo Spot has a camera for video calling to other Echo devices or the Alexa app on smartphones, can play video, music and other smart speaker-associated features. The Amazon Echo Spot is a little more expensive than the new Echo, though, and in turn much more expensive than an Echo Dot.