Razer Project Linda turns your Razer Phone into an Android laptop

Project Linda, Razer's latest concept, is an ultra-portable laptop that uses Razer's Android-powered phone to operate the device.

As one of the few companies in the world to straddle user interfaces, laptops and smartphones, Project Linda is a groundbreaking concept that blurs the lines between the smartphone and the laptop. Once plugged in, the phone's display transfers to the laptop's 4K 120 Mhz touchscreen display, with the smaller screen acting as either a touchpad or a secondary display.

We've seen many previous attempts at this kind of phones-powering-computers tech of course, but Project Linda stands out in terms of both its unique control system, and in giving off the impression that it actually might work.

When Razer announced their introduction into the mobile market, it was an impressive debut to the surprise of many. It turns the recently launched Razer Phone into a laptop PC.

"Project Linda combines the best of both worlds, bringing a larger screen and physical keyboard to the Android environment, enhancing the experience for gaming and productivity".

Finally, Project Linda improves Android gaming and productivity.

The laptop packs its own 54Wh battery, a Chroma Keyboard, with a 1080p display that continues the phone's 120Hz refresh rate legacy.

The laptop also boasts 200GB of built-in storage, so there is some offline storage available. There's also an assortment of expected laptop features, like a 720p webcam, audio jack and USB-A and USB-C ports.

Enjoy Android games in new ways with Project Linda. "We are incredibly excited to deliver Netflix entertainment on a smartphone like never before, enabling us to take full measure of the Razer Phone's HDR10-enabled display and dual-firing, front-facing Dolby-optimized speakers and THX-certified headphone connectivity". Hit up the project's official web page for more information.

Razer revealed Project Linda at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities.

However, it is not a traditional gaming laptop despite having the same design language as per the company's Blade gaming laptops.