Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date

Buzbee claims his date was drunk and he called an Uber to pick her up, but Layman refused to leave the estate.

The newspaper reports Buzbee later disavowed the then-candidate after the behind-the-scenes Access Hollywood tape surfaced in which Trump could be heard talking about kissing and groping women. "He states when he found her, he told her he would call a second Uber driver which he did". One of the paintings was supposedly by Andy Warhol.

Police arrested Lindy Lou Layman, 29, of Dallas, on December 23 at the Houston home of Tony Buzbee, who cemented his reputation as one of Texas' most prominent trial lawyers by winning a $100 million federal jury verdict against BP in 2009 over chemical discharges.

Authorities say she tore down several paintings from the walls and poured red wine on three of them, and she hurled across the room a pair of $20,000 abstract sculptures, shattering both. The resulting damage cost at least $300,000.

According to a criminal complaint, damages were estimated to be circa $300k.

Layman said in court this week that she has worked as a court reporter for nine years, KHOU reports.

She posted a $30,000 bond.

Layman is now remanded to appear in court on Thursday. He also hosted a fundraiser for then-candidate Donald Trump at the mansion previous year.

He successfully defended former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an abuse of power case and -for the party highlights- just hosted a holiday extravaganza this year for his family and friends with special celebrity guest Snoop Dogg.

Buzbee recently made headlines for parking a tank outside his mansion, sparking a fight with his homeowners' association and, according to Buzbee's Facebook, a rash of tickets.