Trump official receives horse manure from 'the American people' for Christmas

Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad was called to Mnuchin's neighborhood and, according to Associated Press, the package turned out to contain horse manure.

A Los Angeles Department bomb squad responded to a Bel-Air neighborhood Saturday night due to a suspicious package addressed to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The Secret Service was also involved in examining the horse excrement, because of Mnuchin's role as a cabinet member for President Donald Trump.

Officials say the delivery was addressed to the treasury secretary but was left in front of one of his neighbors' homes. Aerial footage from KNBC showed officers investigating a large box in wrapping paper, then dumping a large amount of what they later identified as the manure and opening the card that was included inside.

There was also a Christmas card with the present, which made references to Mnuchin, President Trump and the president's tax bill.

No evacuations were reported, but Bel Air Road was closed due to the investigation. It is unclear if Mnuchin or his wife Louise Linton were home at the time of the incident.