Princess Michael 'very sorry' for wearing 'racist' brooch to Queen's Christmas lunch

Another asked: "What exactly is the significance of the brooch worn by Princess Michael of Kent to the Queen's luncheon?"

Members of the Royal family attend the Queen's Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace on December 20, 2017.

Blackamoor jewellery, which depicts figures with black skin, has been labelled racially insensitive for its links to slavery and servitude. Last year, Markle's fiancé Prince Harry released a statement in her defense calling out the "racial undertones of comment pieces" and the "outright sexism and racism of social media trolls".

Most often, Blackamoor arts included small sculptures of slaves holding plates and trays for practical use around the house, but also include jewelry, like the brooch Princess Michael chose to wear for the Queen's lunch.

The princess has been known to push the boundaries in racism in the past.

Princess Michael of Kent was seen wearing a brooch of a black man with a gold turban as she drove through the gates of Buckingham Palace with her husband, Prince Michael.

It'd been wondering what tactics Princess Michael would use to keep MM in her place; she's so belligerently racist. Morphing from Latina when I was dressed in red, to African-American when in mustard yellow; my closet filled with fashionable frocks to make me look as racially varied as an Eighties Benetton poster. In 2004, she reportedly yelled at Black diners in a high-end restaurant in New York City, instructing them to, "go back to the colonies". I wanted to be a writer.

She later exacerbated the racist perception of her during a TV interview. I wanted experiences from Cape Town to right up in northern Mozambique.

Meghan is likely to have chosen her outfit for the pictures with great care, and opted for British brands in a nod to her new home with Harry also wearing heritage label Burberry.

"You know it's a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense, but I the end of the day I'm really just proud of who I am and where I come from, and we have never put any focus on that", she said. "We've just focused on who we are as a couple".