Xbox One Version Of PUBG Is Now Available To Buy And Play

The game contains graphical enhancements for the new Xbox One X and has the unusual distinction of being one of the few major console releases to be labeled "Unfinished" and "a work in progress". I've always had some sympathy for this opinion, but equally there have been many games over the years which have discovered that with the right allowances a controller can come damn close to closing the gap.

To reload your weapon, you have to long-press X, this should be a tap. Pressing the button triggers one action while holding it triggers another.

The developers have been working closely on the detail of the female character in the new PUBG test servers, with one gamer noticing that the female characters have been animated with a camel toe. Even though it shares an 8 km x 8 km size just like Erangel, because of the areas of interest being spread apart and there being a lot more land mass compared to bodies of water, there's a lot more data players need to collect. While I don't have an Xbox One X, I do have an S and it's almost unplayable.

Without the ability to snap your view around quickly using the mouse, you're much less aware of what was going on around you.

Not when you consider the lacklustre menus, mind, which is why I was surprised to see some basic features unaccounted for.

Many Early Access games on Steam that make their way to Microsoft's console now have a dedicated home in the Game Preview program if they are still being developed.

It needs the smallest amount of auto-aim, and it desperately needs its control scheme to be simplified if PUBG wants to feel like a console game, rather than a PC game controlled with a gamepad.

With the release of PUBG for Xbox One on December 12, gamers soon began to realize a free trial for the game was yet to be available. Limiting the game to paying players is a valid way to do this, preventing what could've been an overwhelming population from the Xbox Live userbase on launch day.