Facebook AR Studio Now Lets All Developers Create World Effects

Facebook today has announced the latest Snapchat-like feature coming to Messenger.

Unlike placing a regular sticker or emoji on your pictures, World Lenses uses 3D objects on the image.

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for Messenger that lets you drop 3D objects into your surroundings, using the built-in camera tool, making it yet another popular app to incorporate AR features - apart from Snapchat.

These are "early versions" of World Effects, so you can expect some refinement over time. With this new feature, Facebook is trying to make Messenger as fun as possible during the holiday season, while keeping it competitive with the likes of Snapchat and others. Facebook's Messenger, which on December 12 announced a brand-new AR-focused feature: World Effects. "Facebook says that now, they support only a heart, arrow, and robot, while there are bubbles and words that read "love", 'bae", "heart", and "miss you".

Moreover, you can add a 3D heart floating over someone's head and then try panning your phone's camera from side to side.

Facebook is one of the tech giants interested in both VR and AR, and the company is about to make it a lot easier for you to enjoy AR inside its apps.

It has been 8 months since Facebook launched it's AR Platform at the F8 Conference where is teased about the identification of every object just with a simple smartphone camera. Since the feature is in developing stage, there are only a few effects available for now and it is expected that Facebook is going to add more very soon. For now, Facebook users can play around with effects like hearts, arrow and robot in addition to word bubbles like "love", "bae", "heart" and "miss you". There you can choose an effect and then tap to add it to your image. Apart from launching World Effects, Facebook has made yet another announcement where it has announced that it is opening its AR Studio to developers.