PlayStation 4 Will Continue To Dominate The Market In 2018 — Sony

Additionally, Sony confirmed you don't need to own The Last Guardian to download the VR experience. That game is being developed for the PlayStation 4 for a 2018 release. There was also a new gameplay demo presented for Detroit Become Human from Quantic Dream.

The book is incredible - it contains such a wealth of information on PlayStation, it's games and basically everything you ever wanted to know! While the teaser trailer may not reveal much about the game, though, it should still be enough to excite fans of the long-dormant franchise. If you're nostalgic for the PlayStation days of yore, MediEvil should be right up your alley.

Capcom has just launched the Monster Hunter: World beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sir Daniel and the cult classic hack and slash game have been dying for some sort of revival since MediEvil: Resurrection released back in 2005.

Layden, who replaced Jack Tretton as President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (then still called Sony Computer Entertainment America, or SCEA), was interviewed by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, who inquired about his vision for PlayStation in 2018.

Of course, PSX wouldn't be the same without a host of new trailers.

Featured in the trailer are Mitsurugi and Sophitia, two of the most popular Soul Calibur characters and mainstays since the very first game in the series. So it's a good job we already got plenty to look forward to...