Comedian Hannibal Buress arrested for disorderly intoxication

As the argument went on Buress refused to get in the police auto and the cops physically pushed Buress into their vehicle and drove him to the precinct.

"Am I under arrest?"

He continues to yell at the officers and asks why they're "detaining him", and finally, the policeman says for "trespassing". "Explain what I am detained for", Buress repeatedly shouts, occasionally stumbling over his words, in a video posted to YouTube by user Mitchell Wiggs. "What I am detained for?"

"Trespassing", an officer replies, though Buress was not charged with trespassing. Miami police arrested him around 10:30 p.m. Saturday at Northwest Second Avenue and 20th Street —in the heart of Wynwood, which is hosting Art Basel-related events and drawing celebrities from around the globe. He was released early Sunday morning after posting a $500 bond. The officer went inside to get Buress because he felt the comedian was too drunk to stay around. For what?' Buress yells in the video, handcuffed and leaning against a patrol auto. A jail official told TMZ the arrest was over 'disorderly intoxication'. He also is known for bringing attention to sexual assault allegations against fellow comedian Bill Cosby.

Buress' fans on Twitter had many strong reactions to the comedian's arrest, including tweets declaring, "Free Hannibal Buress".

Buress is featured on the TV show Broad City and has appeared in movies such as Spiderman Homecoming and Baywatch.