Countries Around the World Tackled Net Neutrality in Different Ways

Approximately 20 protestors were outside the Verizon Store on Mangrove in Chico Thursday morning in advance of next week's vote by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal its net neutrality regime.

The rules prohibit providers from charging websites different fees that could create a "fast" or "slow" lane of traffic that critics say would harm small startups that cannot afford larger fees. Examples of such behavior include Comcast blocking BitTorrent in 2007, AT&T blocking Skype until 2009, and Comcast and Verizon bottlenecking Netflix traffic in 2014. "I would just like the (net neutrality rules) to be kept as it is".

Opponents of net neutrality noted that its elimination has benefits including giving consumers of the Internet more options, allowing them to pare down their choices and perhaps save money in the process.

Access Humboldt organized the protest at Eureka's Verizon Store.

The north country residents protesting in favor of maintaining the net neutrality rules were just one of hundreds of protests across the country.

A group of internet advocates got together in Fayetteville to protest Net neutrality. "We want Mr. LaMalfa to also commit to saying that he will keep net neutrality", said Anderson. Two employees, one in an Android mascot costume, even stood near protesters for a while, waving at cars.

But on December 14, the FCC - again in a party-line vote - is expected to take an ax to these rules, which FCC chairman Ajit Pai has called "heavy handed".

"For nearly 20 years, the internet thrived under the light-touch regulatory approach established by President Clinton and a Republican Congress", Pai said in a statement in November.