Life for Florida man who shot officer while child was in auto

The detective testified he pulled Rojas over on Collins Road for driving erratically on March 9, 2016. Immediately upon stopping the white Cadillac, police said, the driver began shooting at the detective who was wearing a ballistic vest with "police" on it.

Rojas was pulled over by the cop when he fired through the windscreen, striking the officer three times including once in the face.

The officer returned fire, and Rojas fled. In the aftermath, the officer was hit three times, with his son unhurt.

Rojas barricaded himself inside his home but was shot numerous times when cops saw him poke the gun through sliding doors.

A Florida detective who was repeatedly shot by a gunman a year ago pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly in court to taunt his attacker after he was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday.

Rojas was found guilty back in October for attempted first-degree murder, attempted manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, grand theft auto and fleeing. Police shot him as he refused arrest.

JSO officer taunts convicted shooter during sentencing

Brandishing a tube of K-Y Jelly, a personal lubricant, the officer told Rojas, "You are going to need a lot of this".

Rojas had been running away from a fight with his live-in girlfriend, police said, when the off-duty officer had tried to make the 2016 traffic stop, the Times-Union reports.

Kevin Rojas must wait a minimum of 25 years before he can be considered for parole, the judge ruled. The officer is not being named to protect his undercover status.

The officer also said in court that Rojas had been spineless during their encounter, ambushing the officer when he was with his child.

"I'm pretty sure Mr. Rojas doesn't understand what the rest of his life means", said the judge, James Daniel.