'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Star Geoffrey Rush Accused Of 'Inappropriate Behavior'

"He has not been informed by them of the nature of the complaint and what it involves, Rush's lawyer told The Daily Mail". The alleged victim, who has not been identified, came forward after the Australia native finished a production of Shakespeare's "King Lear" in January 2016.

When contacted by the publication about the claim, Rush's lawyers at HWL Ebsworth said in a statement that the actor had never been involved in any "inappropriate behaviour" and that his "regard, actions and treatment of all the people he has worked with has been impeccable beyond reproach".

The Daily Telegraph reports the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) said it received a complaint against the Oscar victor about alleged misconduct that had gone on for months.

On Wednesday afternoon, the STC said that it had "at all times been clear that this was an allegation made to (not by) STC and not a conclusion of impropriety".

'There has been no provision of any details, circumstances, allegations or events that can be meaningfully responded to, ' they said. "However, no response was forthcoming", he said. "Mr. Rush has not been approached by the Sydney Theatre Company and the alleged complainant nor any representative of either of them concerning the matter you have raised", the letter reportedly states.

Rush further elaborated that releasing this information to the public without presenting him the full details is a "denial" of natural justice and "not how our society operates".

Actor Meyne Wyatt said he was in the show and believed whoever had come forward
Actor Meyne Wyatt said he was in the show and believed whoever had come forward

"The Company continues to work with the complainant to minimise the risk of future instances of the alleged behaviour occurring in its workplace", it said.

And that the actor was "disappointed" that "the STC has chosen to smear his name and unjustifiably damage his reputation in this way". The STC responded truthfully that it had received such a complaint.

But two actors who appeared in the production backed up the accuser.

In their statement, Rush's lawyers said they understood the complaint was made "over 21 months ago" and that the STC had originally released its statement "some weeks ago". The 66-year-old actor won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film, Shine.

For 35 years, Academy-award victor Geoffrey Rush has regularly performed at the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) in Australia. A separate personal statement from Rush stated that the management of the Sydney Theatre Company "refused" to reveal details of the allegations even after he'd found out about the complaint. At this stage, Mr Rush can only reiterate his statement that he denies having been involved in any "inappropriate behavior" whatsoever.