Amazon's Bezos sees wealth top $100bn amid Black Friday boost

Bloomberg reports that he is the first person to reach the $100 billion (£75bn) milestone since Bill Gates in 1999. The stock got a lift from reports that online shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday jumped 18% compared with past year.

It was gathered that Bezos' fortune went up $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion, as the online retailer's shares jumped more than 2 percent on optimism for Black Friday sales.

Bezos's net worth surpassed $100 billion on Friday, Bloomberg reported. Gates was the world's richest person prior to Bezos' climb and is now worth nearly $90 billion.

Putting it into context, Bezos made $2.4 billion on Friday, enough by itself to propel a person into Forbes top 1,000 richest people on the planet. Earlier this year, Bezos overtook Gates as the world's richest person.

In a stark reminder of wealth inequality in the United States, it emerged this month that the combined fortunes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (roughly $248.5 billion) exceeds the net worth of 160 million Americans, or 53 million USA households. Bezos' fortune now sits at $100.3 billion, up $2.4 billion following a 2 percent increase in Amazon's shares.

In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post newspaper.

By comparison, Bill Gates' current estimated net worth stands at a paltry $86.8 billion (£65.1bn).

Bezos hasn't given or pledged as much to charity as his billionaire contemporaries like Gates or Warren Buffett.

Bezos has been giving away Amazon shares worth about $500 million every year since 2002.

But Mr Bezos has to date has not given away any of his wealth, but in June he tweeted that he wanted the help people with his fortune and was looking for ideas for how to share it.