Apple delays HomePod release until 2018

Today, it conceded it will "need a little more time" before HomePod is ready for public consumption. Apple's HomePod was previously slated to be released this December.

Apple has told CNBC it has delayed its HomePod smart speaker until "early 2018" as it's not quite ready yet.

If you were hoping to buy a HomePod for your honey this holiday season, you'll have to come up with plan b.

The company's late to market smart speaker is meant to be a rival to Amazon's Echo and Google Home. The tech giant announced the speaker in June at its annual developer conference. Amazon's Echo line starts at $50.

What Apple claims makes the speaker really stand out from the crowd of networked home assistant speakers is its sound quality: The device sonically asses the room it's in, and adjusts the speakers so that the sound best fills each individual space that it occupies.

The delay is the second time in as many years Apple has been forced to delay a major audio product launch. Where Apple does fall short is providing a smart experience with Siri. Apple has indefinitely delayed the release of HomePod until 2018. With a device like a smart speaker, which packages not only music but voice control and home automation into a single device, there's no shortage of places where hold-ups could be introduced. Siri hasn't been able to keep up with other assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.