Disneyland shuts down cooling towers after Legionnaires' disease found among visitors

Nine of the visitors had visited Disneyland Park in September before developing the illness, according to the paper, citing the Orange County Health Care Agency.

The disease was detected in three more people who had not visited the theme park, but who either lived in or had travelled to Anaheim.

Ten were hospitalized and one person "with additional health issues" died, according to health officials.

Of the 12 cases of Legionnaire's disease that emerged in September, nine were among people who visited Disneyland in September. The outbreak was traced to the convention hotel's air conditioning system, and Legionnaire's disease has since been sourced to contaminated water or mist.

"There is no longer any known risk associated with our facilities", officials said.

Disneyland shutdown two cooling towers this week after a small number of visitors to the park were sickened with Legionnaires' disease, park officials told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and this station.

A Disneyland employee is among those who contracted the disease, according to the report.

"On November 3, 2017, Disney reported to HCA that records provided by a contractor indicated that (as part of their quarterly, routine testing) elevated levels of Legionella had been identified in (two of 18) cooling towers on October 2, 2017 and treated/disinfected by the contractor on October 4, 2017. These towers were treated with chemicals that destroy the bacteria and are now shut down".

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified county authorities about three weeks ago of several cases of the disease among people who had traveled to Orange County in September. The incubation period is two to 10 days before symptoms appear, after exposure to the bacteria. Legionnaires' disease is not spread person to person.

The illness can not be spread by person to person contact.

People ages 50 or older, or those with weakened immune systems, are most at risk for the illness.

This follows a report in late October when eight cases were being investigated.