Syria not invited to Paris climate talks despite joining

"I confirm that the Syrian Arab Republic supports the implementation of Paris climate change accord, in order to achieve the desired global goals and to reflect the principles of justice and shared responsibility, but in accordance with the capabilities of each of the signatories,"said Syria's Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment, M. Wadah Katmawi, according to CNN".

That move put the country with Syria and Nicaragua as nations that were not part of the deal, though Nicaragua, which originally said that the agreement did not go far enough, announced last month that it has already submitted the paperwork to join.

US President Donald Trump announced in June that he meant to quit and Nicaragua has said it will join.

"We need everybody on board", Ronald Jumeau of the Seychelles said. It's "very unfair, at the highest level, to the United States", he said.

The United Nations welcomed Syria's statement as a declaration of intent to adhere to the Paris pact. There was no applause, however, at a conference where Assad's government has few allies.

"Canada salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris Agreement!".

According to The Independent, a unanimous effort to address the issue concerning global greenhouse gas emissions and to minimise global warming saw approximately 200 countries signing the Paris accord in December 2015.

The U.S. has become the only nation in the world to not participate in the Paris Climate Accord, an worldwide agreement to voluntarily lower carbon emissions in an effort to curb rising global temperatures.

"Now he'll be isolated from all nations", said Mr Waskow.

The UN's weather agency said on Monday that this year is on track to be the second or third warmest since records began in the 19th century, behind a record-breaking 2016, and about 1.1 Celsius (2F) above pre-industrial times.

Brazil and nations including India, China and Iran now want to fill the gap with more action by 2020 to cut greenhouse gas emissions, especially by the rich which have burnt most fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution.