The best Razer Phone pre-order deals for November 2017

For starters, it's about the design.

There are twin 12MP rear cameras with dual flash for photographers too.

Why was ghosting a concern?

The screen is arguably the most interesting aspect of the device: Its 5.72-inch quad-HD IGZO LCD display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate - unheard of on a smartphone - which ought to ensure smooth gameplay. We're slightly disappointed with this given Razer's propensity for picking names such as Naga or Manticore for its other products. But that highlights another oddity-technologies like G-Sync and FreeSync don't typically engage above a certain refresh rate because the advantages of both shrink the higher the native frame rate.

That frame rate is insane.

Android Nougat runs the Razer Phone for now but will upgraded to Android Oreo in Q1 2017.

Riptide is one of a number of games that doesn't cap the frame rate at 60fps. After some rumors about the gaming smartphone, the company has finally launched its first smartphone device.

All of this said, the phone is essentially a NextBit Robin with updated internals, a mandatory audio dongle, and a focus on an uncertain market. You can throttle the framerate down to a more battery-friendly level if you'd like, and you can even set the framerate per app, simply by going into the new settings Razer has built into Android.

Specs like that put it on par with current flagship phones like the iPhone X, Samsung Note8 and Google Pixel 2 XL. The phone comes with sharp edges and think display bezels.

Mobile gaming is a massive industry, not only for casual players but increasingly making up a portion of esports, with the likes of MOBA's such as Vainglory and Arena of Valor designed specifically for mobile as well as games such as Hearthstone being available on mobile platforms. Sure this could wind up being a great phone for your emulators, or that newly announced Final Fantasy XV mobile edition, but Razer is asking a lot of consumers.

Of course, as with all rumours and leaks, we advise readers to take the above information about the Razer Phone with a pinch of salt, as Razer has yet to make any announcement about its new smartphone and the online listing can not be independently verified. Sadly there is no word when will the device hit markets like India.