" "Taylor Swift Teases Her New Futuristic Music Video for "…Ready for It?"

"But does that mean Swift's ".Ready For It?" video is referencing Kanye West's "Famous"? "In a new video for her song "...

Reportedly, the singer in her first solo announced that the old Taylor is dead but in her third song the fans of the artist once again get a glimpse of the old romantic Taylor. It's a cyborg in her image. "Ready For It?", which is the second single off her highly anticipated new album "Reputation".

"Is the new taylor swift music video gonna be ghost in the shell cause like. we JUST had that conversation previous year", a user wrote. She wears a knockout nude cyborg bodysuit almost identical to the one donned by Scarlett Johansson in last year's film "Ghost in the Shell". The full version will be released on Thursday (Oct. 26).

In the film, a follow-up to Look What You Made Me Do, she is covered with freakish black markings that make her look like an android Barbie doll.

It comes just weeks after Swift released her bitter revenge anthem Look What You Made Me Do. One user questioned the fans' hand placements October 15, writing, "why are your hands on her stomach??? is she pregnant or what".

She's already released three songs from "Reputation", with the most recent, "Gorgeous", coming out last week.

In an interesting case of art and celebrity intertwining, the actress who plays the perfectly coifed and tough-as-nails 1950s-style housewife villain in the new "Blade Runner 2049" says she was inspired in part by Swift.

Or maybe this is what Taylor's character looks like after going out on a solo intergalactic mission without her "Bad Blood" squad.