Google Announces Home Mini For A Smaller Home Assistant

Google also introduced a new Google Home Device at the Made by Google Event - Google Home Max. The Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max are fun-size and king-size takes on last year's $129 Google Home speaker, respectively.

Home Max is shipping in December in the USA, with a retail price of $399, and a release in more markets coming next year.

But what do you actually do with it? The Google Home Max is official and here's everything you need to know about the specs, price and United Kingdom release date. One phrase will basically be able to turn on the lights, roll up a window shade, read the news for you and even start boiling water. The device makes use of Google's hardware, software as well as AI and Machine learning technologies to deliver an incredible music experience. Google will eventually bring the device to all seven countries where the Google Home is officially available.

The Google Home Mini is flatter than its larger sibling, but offers similar features such as understanding voice commands and carrying out various tasks, provides 360-degree sound output and has the ability to connect to Chromecast enabled speakers.

Google Home will also receive integration with the Nest product line, which includes smart thermostats, security cameras and other product series for your home. The fabric seen on the front of the device was described as being "acoustically transparent" and feels extremely soft, seemingly being identical to the material covering the Google Home Mini. On top of that, Walmart also has a promo with Google Express that lets buyers get a $25 discount on orders made before January 15 next year.

Google Home Max is a high-end smart speaker aimed at people who care more about sound quality than cost. Google is throwing in a free 12-month subscription to YouTube Red for everyone picking up the Google Home Max.

Google Home Mini review: What's so special?

It has a white polycarbonate casing and a custom "acoustically transparent" fabric speaker grille that's available in Chalk or Charcoal.

Further, Google also added support for Assistant's Actions on Google which now work with Japanese back in July.

Excited for Google Home's new and revamped features?

Google has announced that after Canada and the U.S., now the United Kingdom is also going to get free hands free calling.