Tony Abbott's Daughter Goes Against Dad, Backs Macklemore's NRL Performance

He's not backing down despite almost 9000 people signing former NRL player Tony Wall's petition to "remove LGBTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League".

Speaking on United States radio show The Cruz Show, Macklemore addressed the nonsense.

Macklemore will play all of his hits, including pro-same-sex marriage song "Same Love" at ANZ Stadium on Sunday when the Melbourne Storm take on the North Queensland Cowboys.

'So I'm getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia. I think there was a petition today to ban me from playing it.

But during an appearance on radio station Power 106, Macklemore promised to "go harder" in the face of opposition.

Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton joined Mr. Abbott in calling out sporting organizers for trying to politize their events, saying organizers of Sunday's big rugby match needed to get a "backbone" and stand up to political correctness.

A petition against his performance was tweeted out by Miranda Devine and endorsed by Tony Abbott.

They claim it politicizes sport and they want to "remove LGBTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League".

The misogynist failed politician, who once said "What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing...", also once admitted about homosexuality, "I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do".

During a USA radio interview, Macklemore responded to the outcry against the performance of the song for the NRL grand final.

Spokesman, David Goodwin, said it was "bizarre" that the song was being performed at half time and millions of Australians disagreed with its message.

Opinion polls have suggested a majority of Australians support same-sex marriage.

"I think it's very, very noteworthy that for all of the talk by the 'no" case in this same sex marriage postal survey about freedom of speech the first occasion a prominent figure has called for something to be banned for freedom of speech is from the 'no case, ' he told Sky News.

In response to those "angry, old white dudes" the rapper simply said: "I'mma go harder". If it shows support for legalising same-sex marriage, the government has promised to debate changing the law.