Star Trek: Discovery's Opening Title Sequence Is a Work of Art

Star Trek: Discovery has a lovely opening sequence, but it's very different from what you might have expected. According to CBS, the show's launch has led to the highest sign-up day ever for CBS All Access, the streaming service that will be the exclusive home to the series following last night's streaming and broadcast premiere. Otherwise more than a million of us wouldn't happily pay for Netflix every month, even though all that content is available for free on the BitTorrent channel. (She is, instead, first officer.) I was excited to see what she did next.

With a first officer committing mutiny, and ideas like "war is the answer" and "shoot first, ask questions later" bandied about, the philosophy of Star Trek: Discovery is clearly a confused one that has little so far to do with the principles embodied by the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It might be your mother's, if she is a fan of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", which is widely considered to be the best of the "Trek" TV efforts.

The series will be a prequel to the sci-fi seriesWhere will Star Trek: Discovery be shown? . Sarek and his human wife Amanda Grayson adopted Burnham after her parents were killed on Vulcan. Good to see him back, even if it is weird that he never told Spock he had a foster sister... Fans can also watch "After Trek", the companion after-show of "Star Trek: Discovery" hosted by Matt Mira.

We'll share numerous responses we got, but we want to know what you think too. The subtitled Klingon scenes give us a fascinating (though too briefly featured) bad guy: a racial purity-driven revolutionary who is intoxicated by dreams of reawakening a long-gone empire and armors his vessel with an exoskeleton made from dead warriors' coffins.

The USS Discovery, in the form of a light effect, flies over NY. We can only hope that somehow, with a title like Star Trek: Discovery, somebody gets to discover something eventually. The series begins not with Starfleet, but with the Klingon leader T'Kuvma (Chris Obi), who warns his comrades of the lurking threat of Federation outsiders. Why does Discovery look more like it's come from the J.J. Abrams Trek films than the classic continuity?

Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz play Lieutenant Paul Stamets and Dr Hugh Culber, the first openly gay couple to be featured in a Star Trek series.

Oh, right: Discovery takes place in the franchise's original timeline, roughly a decade before William Shatner's James T. Kirk captains the Enterprise, and two episodes in I have no idea why that matters.