President Trump signs new travel restrictions on eight countries

These changes are set to take effect on October 18, though the restrictions on Sudan will be lifted immediately, as a result of security baselines defined by the administration.

Officials haven't said which countries or how many the new measures might affect.

To limit confusion, valid visas would not be revoked as a result of the proclamation.

New parts of the restrictions will take effect October 18, a grace period that may prevent the kind of mass confusion seen at airports in the US and overseas after the initial iteration of the travel ban took effect immediately.

Trump has also blocked the issuance of all visas from North Korea and Syria, while for Iran, almost all visas were blocked except those for students and exchange visitors.

The US president's temporary ban on travel, which affected people from six majority-Muslim countries for 90 days, came to an end on Sunday.

What is the reason for the restrictions?

Tweeting the updated list, Donald Trump wrote: "Making America Safe is my number one priority".

The restrictions, which will start on 18 October, are targeted at countries that Department of Homeland Security officials say refuse to share information with the United States or have not taken necessary security precautions.

Iraqi citizens will not be subject to travel prohibitions but will face enhanced scrutiny or vetting. Conversely, DHS may also recommend new countries to the list as they closely monitor necessary compliance.

What is being said about it?

The officials said that those individuals who are covered by the previous executive order that the president signed but do not benefit from court ordered exceptions will be covered from the time of signature of the proclamation Sunday. Tell @realDonaldTrump that you will not be distracted. Restrictions may be removed from countries if they meet a new set of minimum standards, according to the New York Times.

Where and when the next legal showdown on revised ban by Donald Trump will take place isn't clear yet.

The United States will prohibit entry of citizens from North Korea to the USA as part of a sweeping new travel ban that also slaps restrictions on Iran, Chad, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia, the Trump administration said in a statement on Sunday.

Critics have accused the president of discriminating against Muslims in violation of constitutional guarantees of religious liberty and equal protection under the law, breaking existing U.S. immigration law and stoking religious hatred.

Trump's fake empathy for Iranians rings ever more hollow, with his new and even more offensive travel ban against such outstanding citizens.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement the president was carrying out his duty to protect the American people.

Two groups that are challenging the earlier version of the policy at the Supreme Court said they still see the restrictions as targeting Muslims.