Donald Trump tweets take on GOP holdouts on health legislation

Regarding recent missile launches by North Korea, headed by Kim Jong Un, Trump said, "We can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place".

"If Luther doesn't win they're not going to say, we picked up 25 points in a short period of time", he added, referring to the media.

Judge Moore is the type of anti-establishment Republican that the U.S. Senate desperately needs. Trump also told the United Nations that if "forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea".

President Trump spoke in Huntsville, Alabama tonight.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson issued a statement Friday supporting Roy Moore's candidacy for the Republican Senate nomination in Alabama, breaking with President Trump's endorsement of the establishment-backed incumbent Sen. Jeff Sessions joined the Trump administration as attorney general. The example Trump cited is that when he called Strange for his yes vote on repealing Obamacare, Strange was the only Senator that granted it with no strings attached. He said Moore and odd were "both good men". "If his opponent wins, I'm going to be here campaigning like hell for him".

Trump also set the record straight that he still meant to build a wall, despite what might be reported in the media.

After half an hour or so, Trump returned enthusiastically to the origins of Strange's nickname.

However, Strange has spent significant time In Washington, D.C., and as a registered lobbyist.

President Donald Trump's political clout will be tested on Tuesday, when voters will head to the polls in a special election Republican primary runoff in Alabama. "They're ruining the game, right?" he said.

McConnell has strongly supported unusual, viewing him as a reliable vote to further the party's legislative agenda.

In the runoff, Trump has gone all in for odd, even holding a rally Friday night in the state to try and boost Strange's chances in Tuesday's contest. Odd is not a vote against President Trump but rather one for the "people's agenda", which got the working-class businessman elected in the first place. He also called Roy Moore a good man, but questioned whether he can win the general election.

Unusual is hoping that Trump's appearance on his behalf - and a subsequent visit by Vice President Pence on Monday - can be the boost he needs to get over the finish line in the primary. Luther Strange, the president tended to marvel less at the candidate's politics than his height.

Several athletes, including NFL players, have been refusing to stand during the national anthem as a protest of the treatment of blacks by police.

The network said that Matthew Boyle, Breitbart's Washington editor, told staff: "The only story that matters until next week is Alabama".

"In case you were curious, no, Russian Federation did not help me", Trump declared.

"We both come from the same background, the same mission, the same motivation to make this country great again", unusual said to the news outlet. "He is truly someone who reflects the Judeo-Christian values that were so important to the establishment of our country".