Voters Want Trump Impeached But Don't Know Why

On May 17, Congressman Al Green said Trump should be impeached for obstructing the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into the possible relationship between the president and the Russian government.

The survey reports that a 43 percent of Americans support impeachment.

But more than half of those who want to see Trump impeached seem to favor that because they don't want him to be president, as they believe proceedings should move forward "regardless of whether he committed an impeachable offense or not".

Impeach President Trump for what exactly?

Trump reportedly told Russian diplomats inside the Oval Office that he fired Comey explicitly to relieve himself of the "great pressure" that investigation was creating for him - raising the specter that the termination could constitute an effort to obstruct justice, an impeachable offense.

The goal behind the local government movement, which has no authority in the impeachment process, is to convince Congress to launch an investigation to determine if impeachment charges are justified. Instead of indulging toxic impeachment daydreams, Democrats should wake up and try to work with the president, whatever his imperfections.

"If decisions are getting made that this isn't politically the right way to go, then we're putting party over country here", Bonifaz said.

In addition to the initiation of impeachment in the US Senate, the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution allows senior officers to remove the president from office if he is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office". "Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to cooperate for impeachment".

The US Constitution gives a president the nearly absolute power to pardon, including to pardon someone before he or she has been convicted of a crime or even indicted.

The petition concludes: "Donald Trump needs to resign as President of the United States".

Allegedly the group has accumulated hundreds of thousands of signatures for the impeachment without beginning a formal campaign, according to John Bonifaz who is a constitutional lawyer heading the Free Speech for People.

Alderman Ameya Pawar of Chicago had also drafted a city council ordinance calling for Trump's impeachment.

A majority of Democratic voters, 71%, support Congress impeaching Trump, while most Republican voters, 76%, do not support impeachment.

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