Amazon tests grocery pickup service in Seattle

Part of the appliance and furniture store strategy, according to the report, would use AR and VR technology to help consumers make purchase decisions by showing them what products would look like in their homes.

As per WSJ report, it looks like the store's system can not handle more than 20 customers at once, causing it to break down if the number exceeds that limitation.

Due to open to the public at the end of this month, after a trial version was launched in the USA in December 2016, the futuristic Amazon Go store uses cameras, sensors and algorithms to track products taken from the shelves. As per the report, the company is mulling to open physical stores for items such as furniture that are usually bought by people after getting their feel in person. The company envisioned "opening more than 2,000 brick-and-mortar grocery stores under its name, depending on the success of the new test locations", the Journal reported last December. Amazon declined to talk about any stores it has not announced publicly. Groups within Amazon are often encouraged to come up with zany initiatives, of which many are shelved after further discussion.

The service is the latest way Amazon is testing new ways to shop.

Well, Amazon is still trying to get Store No. 1 right. Amazon's automated grocery store was supposed to open to the public this month, but the retailer has postponed the launch. Shown is a contractor working on an Inc. drive-through grocery location under construction in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

If Amazon goes through with this idea it would be a game-changing way in which consumers buy physical products. This is according to a video announcement by the company. It is a very large market and one now dominated by regular markets on the street, paving the way for a new supermarket chain. Amazon's internal code name for its India grocery plans has been revealed as Project Everest.